How to Install ADB Drivers On Your PC

Hi...Guys Here I Am Explaining, How to Install ADB Drivers On Your PC...!

Follow my instructions?

Step 1 Download the ADB zip file for windows Click Here To Download

Step 2 Remove the contents of this zip file in a easily accessible folder (such as C: \ adb)

Step 3 Open Windows Explorer content and browse this zip file.

Step 4 Then open the command prompt from the same directory, as it is the ADB binary. This change can be captured by right-clicking on the folder, then click on the "Open Command Prompt Here" option. (Some Windows 10 users can see "PowerShow" instead of "Command Prompt.")

Step 5 Connect your smartphone or tablet to your USB cable Connect the USB mode in "File Transfer (MTP)" mode Whether or not some OM may need it, except for this in normal mode, for best compatibility

Step 6 To launch ADB daemon in the command prompt window, enter the following command: ADB device

Step 7 On the screen of your phone, you should see a signal to allow or deny USB debugging access. Naturally, when you want to provide USB debugging access when prompted (and if you do not want to see that prompt again at any time, then Allow Allow Always Allow permission box).

Step 8 Enter the command again from Step  6, if everything is successful, then you will see the serial number of your device at the command prompt. Yay! Now you can run any ADB command on your device!

Thats it...!

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